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We’re redirecting the flow of genetic information to deliver on the promise of gene therapy.

Our mission is to overcome the barriers that have held back genetic medicine by creating the first broadly-applicable and non-immunogenic way to treat hundreds of diseases.

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Our Story

Tacit Therapeutics is a San Francisco biotechnology company that was formed to realize the potential of gene therapy. Team Tacit was brought together by a core insight: human cells continuously patch together genetic sequences through a process called splicing. Why can’t we redirect this process to patch and fix mutated genes?
With a team composed of RNA biologists, synthetic biologists, and gene therapy experts, we combine the latest knowledge and tools to drive our discovery engine. Our bold belief that we can create the next generation of RNA therapeutics is balanced by a relentless focus on the scale and quality of our data. Our data-driven and people-focused philosophy has set the foundation for the first broadly-applicable and non-immunogenic way to treat disease.

Our Values

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David Nelles, PhD


Gene Liau, PhD

Chief Scientific Advisor

Beatriz Osuna, PhD

Head of Platform

Emily Powers, PhD

Senior Scientist

Anne Sapiro, PhD


Andrea Higdon, PhD


Scott Nanda, PhD


Stephen Nicholson

Senior Research Associate

Drake West

Research Associate

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